Travels and Daydreams

travels and daydreams

Things Lost

I wrote this story years ago and most of the places in it closed down, which adds to the title and overall sentiment, I think 😊

Anyways,  here it is on the wonderful Wasafiri!

Things Lost

Salinger Kids: A story in Paper Darts!

Yay, I have a story up on Paper Darts today!

I love Paper Darts! 😘 ❤️

*happy dance*


driving at sunset

La la land 💘




Happy new year! Let’s hope 2017 turns out great while we continue to recover from the longest year in memory. (Bye-bye, 2016.) Last year felt simultaneously endless and where did time go?! Last time I posted something here it must have been June! I guess time gets away from you when you try not to have a panic attack/are publishing books. And what a wonderful year it was for my tiny publishing house. I got to publish work by my some of my most favorite writers in the world in two beautiful books: Matchbook Stories 4, and The Letters Page, Vol.1 (edited by Jon McGregor). I coudn’t be prouder or more excited about these books! (And the ones we got cooking for 2017. No spoilers, but they will also be great! If all goes well *knocks on wood* Who’s there? Well, just in case, you know?)  

Anyway, this is just to say hello and that I am still here, and to wish you all the best shiniest happiest new year! Fight the forces of evil! Do creative things! Read books and watch good movies, which reminds me, I just watched La la land and loved it and remembered this story I wrote (it was published in the Mojave River Review) a while back about being in my 20s and living in L.A. (maybe that’s why I loved the movie so much)… 

Here’s wishing you all the best 2017.


P.S FF @ioannaonline and @BookExMachina on Twitter for book updates!

Sunset Unseen: two stories in the Offing


I have two new micro-stories in the Offing! Go read them! And I hope your summer is good, and that you are safe, wherever you are, surrounded by friends and loved ones. It’s been pretty weird around here on planet Earth lately… xxx

Stolen Stationery

P1220383 P1220385-4

Working on a wonderful wonderful new book.

Related/not related/subtle hint: this story in letter form I wrote a while ago: A letter from the Chateau Marmont. “Stolen Stationery.”

You can read it in The Rumpus where it was published last summer.


Will Be Back After These Captcha Messages

Working on an awesome Book Ex Machina book project. It’s our biggest one  yet! (If you want to find out about it first, subscribe to our Very Occasional Newsletter.)

It’s summer. I mean, SUMMER. Just had survived our first heatwave.

Had a story accepted in one of my favorite literary magazines.

Trying not to read the news.

Trying to remember to breathe.

Here’s some Captcha poetry, see you again  soon.



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Tiny Stories for Big Bookish Hearts

An interview with Parchment Girl!

matchbook-stories What really makes Matchbook Stories unique is the incredible design work that goes into every issue.

You can read the rest and the interview here.

Thanks Parchment Girl!






The Cats Want to Know

A little story about cats, published in Visual Verse


The Cats Want to Know

The cats want to know where you’ve been. They come and smell your clothes, rub their noses on your shoes, sniff your soles for clues. They are excited at the hint of a world outside of their zone of things comfortable and known. They are surprised you’ve been gone this long and that you’re suddenly back.

read the rest here

Matchbook Stories! New issue!

The tiny literary magazine I edit is back with its fourth issue!

So much love! Hello, Matchbook Stories Issue 4!

Ali Smith! <3 Etgar Keret! <3 01_matchbookstories_4 02_matchbookstories_4 ali_smith_01_matchbookstories_4

To find out more, check out the website. There are some sweet offers there too right now. I want to write more but I’m too excited!

Impossible Resolutions! A short story

New Year’s Resolutions… Have you broken yours yet? *

Here’s my little story on the theme in the latest Rumpus Readers Report, edited by Susan Clements, (and accompanied with the lovely illustrations of Christina Weidman)


Read the rest on The Rumpus!

* this was the first story I wrote this year! But I’m not telling you what my actual resolutions were. ;)


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