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J. Robert Lennon interviewed me for Okey-Panky

A couple weeks ago Okey-Panky published my story “The Winner.” After, editor-in-chief J. Robert Lennon had a few questions for me. You can read the interview here!

The Winner: New story in Okey-Panky!

My story “The Winner” was just published in Okey-Panky!


and Electric Literature!

electric literature

Read the rest here!

Stolen Stationery: a new story in The Rumpus


I had a dream about you again.

You were writing WISH YOU WERE HERE with giant letters on the roofs of buildings and I was flying over them thinking about you. Then they became alphabet blocks in the window of a store as I walked by. They spelled “Come Home.”

Read the rest of the story in The Rumpus Readers Report: Summer Fever, edited by Susan Clements (and accompanied by the lovely illustrations of Christina Weidman.)

This is my third story in The Rumpus! And my second letter story published this summer! (A third one is coming up soon.)

Previous The Rumpus stories:

Future Past Postcard

The Midnight Sun

Story in The Letters Page:

Layover Jetlag Lei Plane Ghost Love


New story: Layover Jetlag Lei Plane Ghost Love

I have a story in the new issue of The Letters Page.

A story I hand-wrote and sent in a letter that was then deciphered and typed by someone at The Letters Page offices (most likely a handwriting expert.)

Download the issue to print out and read (PDF) And then put in an envelope and send to a friend. Everyone loves getting mail!

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News! Links! Etc.!

So many good Matchbook Stories things happened lately! With Issue 2 out we started work on what promises to be an amazing Issue 3; also on some other great Book Ex Machina projects. To top that, one of my stories got nominated for The Best Small Fictions of 2015. What a great way to start the new year!

For more Book Ex Machina news check the tumblr  and the blog; to find out about upcoming events, the events page and the Facebook.

And now because that was a lot of information, here’s a picture of a Totoro I made using this pattern.




Matchbook Stories 2 is here!




It took us a while but the new issue of Matchbook Stories is here and it will knock your socks off.

It was such a pleasure to edit and design this issue, featuring three great new writers.

Go check it out!

New story in The Rumpus!


I have a new story published in The Rumpus Readers Report. I call it Future Past Postcard.




Interview in The Cyprus Weekly (full interview on the Book Ex Machina blog)

My Copy. A new story published in Litro.

I have a new story published in Litro magazine.

my copy

Read it here!


Story: The Google Truck Diaries

* Welcome to The Big Jewel, where Google Earth is the only Earth and the Google Truck is the only truck. And who among us is fit to speak for the truck? Only Ioanna Mavrou, a citizen of the world who, according to Google Earth, lives in Cyprus.

The Big Jewel just published my story The Google Truck Diaries. Thanks guys.

Go read!


L.A. Story

My “L.A. Story” was just published in the inaugural issue of the wonderful Mojave River Review.

Read it here! (page 115)


The Midnight Sun



There’s nothing to do here, so I get in my car and drive. I improvise, even though there’s nowhere to go, and I end up at the Midnight Sun getting a burger


My story was published in The Rumpus. YAY!

Read it here.


Polaroids from the bookshop: Atlantis Books

From the 2nd Annual Caldera Festival at the most beautiful bookshop in the world.

265 - 06-2

265 - 05-2

265 - 07-2

265 - 08-2

266 - 06

267 - 01-2

266 - 08

Until next time, my beautiful bookshop owners, friends, and travelers.

*A later version of this photo essay was published as an Analogue Travelogue on the Impossible Project Blog. It features an accompanying text, and a Polaroid of the wonderful Ali Smith


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