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Things Lost

I wrote this story years ago and most of the places in it closed down, which adds to the title and overall sentiment, I think 😊

Anyways, Β here it is on the wonderful Wasafiri!

Things Lost

driving at sunset

Stolen Stationery

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Working on a wonderful wonderful new book.

Related/not related/subtle hint: this story in letter form I wrote a while ago: A letter from the Chateau Marmont. “Stolen Stationery.”

You can read it in The Rumpus where it was published last summer.


Sunset Crew






An impromptu road-trip where we end up in a postcard sunset

Are the clouds always this beautiful in January? Those pink and purple hues!

It was so cold out I stayed in the car most of the time, taking pictures through the windshield. In that last picture I was sitting in the car wrapped in my coat thinking: these tourists don’t have jackets on! Aren’t they freezing?

But it was an incredible sunset. It’s easy to forget sometimes, to stop and watch the sunset. A nearby road sign says “Aphrodite’s birthplace.” On days like these it seems entirely appropriate.


Cyanotype blues


I had some SX-70 cyanotype film; I went to the beach. :)

*sunburn not pictured

Red Moon Watch



Sept 28, 2015. Watched the Red Moon until it set behind the hills. Took some pictures. Stayed up all night.

Bonus: saw the International Space Station go by; when the eclipse happened every animal and bird and insect around went completely quiet; it was nice to see everyone share the experience on Twitter; Venus was so shiny all throughout the night and the morning, mighty Aphrodite, so pretty.


(Also check out Thodoris’s picture on the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day website)



The Mark and the Void and the Polaroid

Yay, one of my Writers in Polaroids pictures ended up on the inside cover of a great book! Paul Murray’s The Mark and the Void.


Recommended reading!

The polaroid can be found in this old post here. It was taken at the beautiful Atlantis Books.

(wrongly attributed to Book Ex Machina, but I don’t mind sharing the credit with Thodoris ;))

Matchbook Stories Praise

What to do when your literary heroes love a thing you made:

  1. Jump up and down.
  2. Run around screaming: Yaaas!
  3. Thank the hell out of them.
  4. Put a post on your website.
  5. Go swimming.
  6. Get back to working on the thing.


Praise for Matchbook Stories:




Matchbook Stories | Book Ex Machina news | Current Issue | Book Ex Machina everywhere | twitter

Stolen Stationery: a new story in The Rumpus


I had a dream about you again.

You were writing WISH YOU WERE HERE with giant letters on the roofs of buildings and I was flying over them thinking about you. Then they became alphabet blocks in the window of a store as I walked by. They spelled β€œCome Home.”

Read the rest of the story in The Rumpus Readers Report: Summer Fever, edited by Susan Clements (and accompanied by the lovely illustrations of Christina Weidman.)

This is my third story in The Rumpus! And my second letter story published this summer! (A third one is coming up soon.)

Previous The Rumpus stories:

β‰ˆ Future Past Postcard

β‰ˆ The Midnight Sun

Story in The Letters Page:

β‰ˆ Layover Jetlag Lei Plane Ghost Love


New story: Layover Jetlag Lei Plane Ghost Love

I have a story in the new issue of The Letters Page.

A story I hand-wrote and sent in a letter that was then deciphered and typed by someone at The Letters Page offices (most likely a handwriting expert.)

Download the issue to print out and read (PDF) And then put in an envelope and send to a friend. Everyone loves getting mail!

CJI8LhkWIAAPV1M.png large

The Summer: part 2 out of ∞

289-03 289-04


First beach day of the year! (pretty late) First beach polaroids of the year!

Went at noon like rookies and swam out for too long and got a tiny case of heatstroke.

(Sun too much for the polaroids, too.)

But, summer, yay! I wish I could live there in that blue overexposed moment staring at the water while falling asleep.


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some pictures from the archives…











First road-trip of the year ;)

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