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Stolen Stationery

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Working on a wonderful wonderful new book.

Related/not related/subtle hint: this story in letter form I wrote a while ago: A letter from the Chateau Marmont. “Stolen Stationery.”

You can read it in The Rumpus where it was published last summer.


Stolen Stationery: a new story in The Rumpus


I had a dream about you again.

You were writing WISH YOU WERE HERE with giant letters on the roofs of buildings and I was flying over them thinking about you. Then they became alphabet blocks in the window of a store as I walked by. They spelled “Come Home.”

Read the rest of the story in The Rumpus Readers Report: Summer Fever, edited by Susan Clements (and accompanied by the lovely illustrations of Christina Weidman.)

This is my third story in The Rumpus! And my second letter story published this summer! (A third one is coming up soon.)

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Film is Always a Good Idea






A little something from my film archives.

1. Santa Monica, California 2. Paphos, Cyprus 3. 4th Street, Santa Monica 4. North Shore, Oahu 5. Santa Monica Pier

(1,2,3,5 shot with a Yashica Mat, 4 with an automatic plastic 35mm film camera.)



On the Road to Las Vegas

I don’t know what made me think of Vegas.

Maybe it’s the heatwave we’ve been having.

Or sending out a story that takes place somewhere between Las Vegas and Baker, CA.

Or a Hunter S. Thompson interview I read in the Paris Review.

Either way I found and scanned these pictures, taken with my old film Canon from the passenger seat somewhere outside L.A. circa 2001.




polaroid sticky film. smell-o-vision. a third thing that only lasted about two seconds.

It was a tiny little camera. It took tiny pictures. That you could stick on things, if you got the sticky film. (The pictures were as small as post stamps.)

For a whole year I looked for the version of it that was also digital.* Never found it. I shot a few films with it. They were kind of expensive.

By the time I could afford more film, they stopped making it. It stayed in the closet,  as new. The other day I turned it on and it even made the sound that its flash was warming up.(I had forgotten to take out the batteries.)

Of course, I could always bring it back to life. All I need is some APS film and a floppy. Ha ha ha.

*0.3 pixels and 1 MB of internal memory!



Okay, new thing: when I get stuck on a story, I scan films.

Which is more productive than what I was previously doing: watching too many old episodes of The Big Bang Theory.*

Which is really how I remembered that once, a long time ago when I worked in L.A. I was on a photo assignment at Saks in Pasadena, and on the way to the car I stopped and took some non-work related pictures.

Ah, Kodak, you made good films. I always liked how they were way less green than Fuji. We had some good times. I hope you won’t die like Polaroid.

*On the last picture on the left: The Cheesecake Factory.


random Tuesday post

from the big never-ending film scanning project


Rooms with a View

I got this idea stuck in my head after being in Santorini for about two seconds earlier this month. That over the years I have lived or stayed in a lot of places with great views. And maybe I had pictures of those views somewhere?

(I did. Mostly on film. These are a lot of them. Also the first shot of the last post.)

My friend Alex used to say, it doesn’t matter how your place looks really, only where your door opens out to.

He also used to say:  “Sleep is so good. It’s the best. You can’t buy that shit.” But that wisdom is for a different post.

I wish you all (and Alex) all the great views in the world.



I miss my square format camera

In California I had this medium format Yashica a while back that I had borrowed from a family friend.

I was very sad when he asked for it back.

I think I’ll get another one. And go back to Santa Monica to take more photographs.

(Donations welcome!) xoxo

Santa Monica beach at sunset


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