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Salinger Kids: A story in Paper Darts!

Yay, I have a story up on Paper Darts today!

I love Paper Darts! 😘 ❤️

*happy dance*


Sunset Unseen: two stories in the Offing


I have two new micro-stories in the Offing! Go read them! And I hope your summer is good, and that you are safe, wherever you are, surrounded by friends and loved ones. It’s been pretty weird around here on planet Earth lately… xxx

The Last Time I was Near a Volcano: story in Necessary Fiction!

View from Kona hotel

view from a hotel room in Kona

What a great way to finish the year!

My story The Last Time I was Near a Volcano is this week’s Necessary Fiction featured story.

I started writing this story in Santorini in my notebook in 2011 when we were at Atlantis Books for their first Caldera festival. It was the first time I ever went to Santorini and we went around the island looking at the beaches and the volcanic landscapes and I picked up some of the volcanic rocks and wondered if it was okay to take them home with me.

The only other time I was on an island with volcanoes was in Hawaii and people there believe that if you take anything volcanic off the island the goddess Pele gets mad and then you have really bad luck. But in Santorini shops sold jewelry made of lava rocks. So I wrote this story which is about how every place is different and its own special little world that you have to give yourself to it to really understand it. It’s about travelers versus tourists. Insiders and outsiders. Old traditions and special rules and secret handshakes, and changing as you grow up and as you move to a new place and your past trying to hold you back. About finding new homes, and sometimes having to destroy something to make something new. By the way, I took the lava rocks home with me, because in Santorini there’s no Pele. And then I finished writing the story.

Hope you enjoy it! And here’s wishing you a happy new year, full of great stories and travels and new and old friends. Thanks for reading.


Lucky Cats

A little random post for this random October day. Enjoy! :)

Lucky Cat story

Lucky Cat Postcard

Lucky Cat and Red Phone

Lucky Cat spinning with Straw Dogs

The Winner: New story in Okey-Panky!

My story “The Winner” was just published in Okey-Panky!


and Electric Literature!

electric literature

Read the rest here!

New story: Layover Jetlag Lei Plane Ghost Love

I have a story in the new issue of The Letters Page.

A story I hand-wrote and sent in a letter that was then deciphered and typed by someone at The Letters Page offices (most likely a handwriting expert.)

Download the issue to print out and read (PDF) And then put in an envelope and send to a friend. Everyone loves getting mail!

CJI8LhkWIAAPV1M.png large

Matchbook Stories 2 is here!




It took us a while but the new issue of Matchbook Stories is here and it will knock your socks off.

It was such a pleasure to edit and design this issue, featuring three great new writers.

Go check it out!

New story in The Rumpus!


I have a new story published in The Rumpus Readers Report. I call it Future Past Postcard.


Short story collection finished!

Short story collection finished. Here it is, the whole manuscript.
Celebration = Reflection at the sea

My Copy. A new story published in Litro.

I have a new story published in Litro magazine.

my copy

Read it here!


Writers in Polaroids: Etgar Keret

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted my Etgar Keret Polaroid here. (Or that I haven’t yet finished reading Suddenly, a Knock on the Door.) After all, Etgar Keret is one of my favorite writers. And his appearance in Nicosia last October was a literary miracle. (When was the last time a big author had a reading in Cyprus? A writer whose work was adapted into a movie with Tom Waits?)

Here he is, kindly posing with his son, in my blurry attempt to photograph him. I should have taken a tripod along with the books I took for him to sign. [Not pictured: his talented wife Shira Geffen. That picture came out even more blurry. The photographer accepts all the blame :/]

An Impossible photograph for a highly improbable meeting.

If you haven’t yet, go read his stories. They’re awesome. (Halibut is one of my favorite short stories of all time.)



Story: The Google Truck Diaries

* Welcome to The Big Jewel, where Google Earth is the only Earth and the Google Truck is the only truck. And who among us is fit to speak for the truck? Only Ioanna Mavrou, a citizen of the world who, according to Google Earth, lives in Cyprus.

The Big Jewel just published my story The Google Truck Diaries. Thanks guys.

Go read!


The Midnight Sun



There’s nothing to do here, so I get in my car and drive. I improvise, even though there’s nowhere to go, and I end up at the Midnight Sun getting a burger


My story was published in The Rumpus. YAY!

Read it here.


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