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Matchbook Stories! New issue!

The tiny literary magazine I edit is back with its fourth issue!

So much love! Hello, Matchbook Stories Issue 4!

Ali Smith! <3 Etgar Keret! <3 01_matchbookstories_4 02_matchbookstories_4 ali_smith_01_matchbookstories_4

To find out more, check out the website. There are some sweet offers there too right now. I want to write more but I’m too excited!

“Books as Objects Should Be Beautiful.” Interview in The Review Review about Matchbook Stories.

Review Review Interview

An interview in The Review Review in which I talk about all things literary: Matchbook Stories, our Book Ex Machina publishing philosophy, some of my favorite literary magazines, etc.

And some very nice words by the interviewer, Sandy Ebner:

When I pick up a literary magazine I’m usually filled with a certain degree of anticipation. But I’m not usually grinning as I sit down to read. Matchbook Stories is as unique a magazine as you are ever likely to find. “The tiniest literary magazine in the world,” Matchbook Stories is, as the name suggests, designed to look like a matchbox. Inside each small box are four stories, each printed on its own tiny matchbook, with cover art designed specifically for each. As expected, the stories are very short, but what a delight they are to read, not just because they are well-written, but because the magazine is three-dimensional, thereby making the act of opening the box and choosing which story to read first, much different than opening the covers of a more traditional magazine. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Go read the whole thing in The Review Review!

Happy New Year!

Matchbook Stories 2 launch in Oxford: the polaroids

We officially launched Matchbook Stories Issue 2 in Oxford earlier this month at the wonderful Blackwell’s Bookshop with our writers Erik Boman, Pat Cash, and Marc Cinanni, followed by a second event at our beloved Albion Beatnik Bookstore with musical guests The Oh So Many.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us. We’re taking this issue far and wide, and then on to Issue 3!

Here are some of the polaroids.








Matchbook Stories 2 is here!




It took us a while but the new issue of Matchbook Stories is here and it will knock your socks off.

It was such a pleasure to edit and design this issue, featuring three great new writers.

Go check it out!

New story in The Rumpus!


I have a new story published in The Rumpus Readers Report. I call it Future Past Postcard.


Short story collection finished!

Short story collection finished. Here it is, the whole manuscript.
Celebration = Reflection at the sea

Polaroids from the bookshop: Atlantis Books

From the 2nd Annual Caldera Festival at the most beautiful bookshop in the world.

265 - 06-2

265 - 05-2

265 - 07-2

265 - 08-2

266 - 06

267 - 01-2

266 - 08

Until next time, my beautiful bookshop owners, friends, and travelers.

*A later version of this photo essay was published as an Analogue Travelogue on the Impossible Project Blog. It features an accompanying text, and a Polaroid of the wonderful Ali Smith


The Break-In

I had a story published in Litro magazine last Sunday.


It’s called The Break-In.

You can read it in Litro,  where it’s in the company of many other good stories. :)


a sneak preview

It’s only January but things have already been real busy.

A lot of new writing and lots of different projects in development. We are making travel plans for later in the year.   Book Ex Machina is getting a site revamp.

But here’s a little sneak preview of a tasty literary treat we call Matchbook Stories.

Each matchbook is a  tiny story in prose or poetry form. They are stories about meetings fleeting and temporary, about moments and places, invoking the feeling of real matchbooks. A few words that can be carried in a pocket and shared with a friend, or perhaps a stranger.

The first four made their debut in a Nicosia Christmas market. But there will be more on the way.

To kick off the project me and Matchbook Stories poetry editor Lee Jing-Jing contributed two each. Mine: Paris, Las Vegas and Cha Cha Chicken. Jing’s: An Old Wives’ Tale and Last Fall.

In due time we will post ways to buy and submission guidelines. But in the meantime, this is a sneak preview.


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