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Matchbook Stories! New issue!

The tiny literary magazine I edit is back with its fourth issue!

So much love! Hello, Matchbook Stories Issue 4!

Ali Smith! <3 Etgar Keret! <3 01_matchbookstories_4 02_matchbookstories_4 ali_smith_01_matchbookstories_4

To find out more, check out the website. There are some sweet offers there too right now. I want to write more but I’m too excited!



My story Under the Hole is in a rad new anthology by the awesome For Books’ Sake!


(RE)Sisters […] the anthology features the best new fiction from emerging women writers from across the globe.

Featuring a diverse range of characters, genres, styles and subject matters, the eighteen stories in (RE)Sisters include; a dystopian world where skin colour is changed by a sinister procedure; a spelling bee that stings like a wasp; a girl kept captive by a man with no heart; an indefinite hospital quarantine; a runaway best friend; a lost habit of checking shoes for scorpions; an abandoned bathtub; a stolen hot air balloon, and much, much more besides. […]

A fierce, fearless and topical tribute to girls’ rebellion and resistance, (RE)Sisters is defiant, distinctive and unapologetic. Just like its heroines. 

Coming out next month, available to pre-order here.



“Books as Objects Should Be Beautiful.” Interview in The Review Review about Matchbook Stories.

Review Review Interview

An interview in The Review Review in which I talk about all things literary: Matchbook Stories, our Book Ex Machina publishing philosophy, some of my favorite literary magazines, etc.

And some very nice words by the interviewer, Sandy Ebner:

When I pick up a literary magazine I’m usually filled with a certain degree of anticipation. But I’m not usually grinning as I sit down to read. Matchbook Stories is as unique a magazine as you are ever likely to find. “The tiniest literary magazine in the world,” Matchbook Stories is, as the name suggests, designed to look like a matchbox. Inside each small box are four stories, each printed on its own tiny matchbook, with cover art designed specifically for each. As expected, the stories are very short, but what a delight they are to read, not just because they are well-written, but because the magazine is three-dimensional, thereby making the act of opening the box and choosing which story to read first, much different than opening the covers of a more traditional magazine. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Go read the whole thing in The Review Review!

Happy New Year!

Matchbook Stories 2 is here!




It took us a while but the new issue of Matchbook Stories is here and it will knock your socks off.

It was such a pleasure to edit and design this issue, featuring three great new writers.

Go check it out!

Short story collection finished!

Short story collection finished. Here it is, the whole manuscript.
Celebration = Reflection at the sea

L.A. Story

My “L.A. Story” was just published in the inaugural issue of the wonderful Mojave River Review.

Read it here! (page 115)


Meet the Board


Just don’t call it an inspiration board. Inspiration board sounds kind of pretentious to me. I call it the board that’s on the back of our office door where I stick things I like. (or board, for short)

Such as handwritten notes from friends. Postcards, I’m crazy about postcards.

There’s one from David Alan Harvey, sent from his Road Trips project a few months ago, it features a dinosaur, a corvette AND a picture of another postcard on it.

The chocolate croissant postcard was sent to me by Jing-Jing Lee, (who is currently in Singapore launching her very first novel.) It’s my understanding that I get to exchange this postcard for a real chocolate croissant AND a place to stay close to the cafe that makes them. (Postcards are legal and binding contracts, yes?)

Some of the other current things pinned on the board: poster draft for The Shy Oxford Writers, pictures from Hollywood and Santa Monica, Matchbook Stories-related designs, a postcard and a bookmark from Atlantis, and yes, a poster about typefaces.


Lucky Cat

Super excited to be published, in audio form, in the wonderful literary magazine The Drum.

The story is called Lucky Cat. (Like one of these guys, seen below in Polaroid form.)

You can listen to the story here.







two London Clock minutes

I have two tiny stories published as part of the London Clock, a wonderful new literary venture by the London Literary Project, champions of poetry and flash fiction.

Every story is a London minute, exactly 60 words.

The first is called Dark City.

The second, Accidental Discoveries, is accompanied by part of an Impossible Polaroid of the same location (see below.)

It’s so much fun writing flash fiction. And these tiny stories, they fit anywhere. My next one out in the world is published on the back of a postcard!




Hello from Atlantis

Hanging out with some cool people. And cats. At one of the loveliest bookstores in the known universe. All is good with the world.



In search of rivers. And a reservoir.

We went in search of rivers.

One of us made his own pinhole camera. The other used a digital one.

It rained so much this year in Cyprus that reservoirs have become gathering places. And where there’s people, there are sandwich trucks. And ice-cream.

The men in the hats sold clay wares and other little things. They hung out in the sun and enjoyed the sunshine.

Where there are rivers, there are often ancient bridges.

There’s something really cool about walking on a medieval bridge.

And sometimes, if you know where to get off the highway, you can follow a river all the way to the sea.



Okay, new thing: when I get stuck on a story, I scan films.

Which is more productive than what I was previously doing: watching too many old episodes of The Big Bang Theory.*

Which is really how I remembered that once, a long time ago when I worked in L.A. I was on a photo assignment at Saks in Pasadena, and on the way to the car I stopped and took some non-work related pictures.

Ah, Kodak, you made good films. I always liked how they were way less green than Fuji. We had some good times. I hope you won’t die like Polaroid.

*On the last picture on the left: The Cheesecake Factory.


retreat. relax. reflect… work.

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently. Which is great for filling your head with new things, people and places.

But now need to get back to that quiet place that is home.

Relax. Reflect. Retreat back into me.

And get writing.



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