Writers in Polaroids: Evgenios Trivizas

by Ioanna

Prolific children’s author. Criminologist. Storyteller.

I think everyone in the Greek-speaking world has a favorite Evgenios Trivizas book.

He’s written about 150 of them. Fairy-tales. Novels. Plays. Comics.

The man is beloved. So I was super excited to meet him at Atlantis Books last weekend at the Caldera Festival.

He was exceptional with the (many, many) children and the adults alike. He was inspirational. A national treasure.

Imagination, he said, that’s the most important thing in the world.

I even discovered one of my favorite stories when I was a kid was his.

It was the very first story he had ever published.

And he let me take lots of pictures of him. This Polaroid is one of my favorites.

(You can’t tell because it was a little dark but he’s holding his black cat puppet, the main character from his novel The Last Black Cat)

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